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Welcome to the LVR Soccer Club

We are a youth soccer club serving the Laurelhurst, View Ridge, and Ravenna neighborhoods in Seattle.
2014 LVR Youth Soccer Calendar of Important Dates
Posted Apr 11, 2012

 Latest update:  July 31, 2014

April 19:  Opening date for Coach/Volunteer and Player Registration for the Fall 2014 Season.

  • House League, "registering U7 - U9",   Fee: $80.00.  Partial or full scholarships are available.
  • City League, "registering U10 - U19",  Fee: $100.00.  Partial or full scholarships are available.

For scholarship requests please email

  • Please see the bottom of the home page for tutorials and the RMA Background Check - Affinity Link.

In-Person Registration - Due to a continuing drop in interest we will not be holding an In Person Registration this year.  For assistance please email us or make an appointment with Alyson Stage at Mockingbird Books (near Greenlake), (206) 518-5886.

June 02: Deadline for returning players to have completed registration. There is no guarantee to play for players and teams registered after this date.  A late fee of $20.00 applies to all player registrations after this date.

*** Time change ***  July 31: Combined House and City League coach meeting at 7:00pm at Concordia Lutheran School, 7040 36th Ave NE (behind the school in gym).  We will be covering Board introductions, league rules and code of conduct.  City League Coaches for even year play will receive uniforms at this meeting.

  • House league meeting 7:00pm - 8:00pm - uniforms will not be distributed at this meeting for HOUSE League.
  • City League coach meeting 8:00pm - 9:00pm - uniform distribution.

Please park in the lot behind (east) of the building and enter through the rear door.

August 23: House league coach orientation, 10:00am, Eckstein Field.  This will include field layout, Uniform distribution, and a coaching clinic!

August 31 (exact date still to be determined): City League schedules available online through - no hard copies to pick up this year.

September 06 & 07: Start of the LVR U7 - U9 House league season. It is likely that U8 & U9 will play on Saturday and U7 will play on Sunday.

City League Game Schedules for U10, Jamboree and regular season:  Please go to and click on the Game Schedules link (left side of home page).

City League Game Schedules for U11 - U19:  Please go to and click on the Game Schedules link (left side of home page).

SYSA game days for City League - 2014

  • U10,U12,U14 play on Sundays
  • U11, U13, U15, play on Saturdays
  • BU16 play on Saturdays
  • BU17, BU18, BU19 play on Saturdays
  • GU16, GU17, GU18, GU19 play on Sundays

Recreational TeamsPlay Games OnBoys and girls U10, U12, U14SundaysBoys and girls U11, U13, U15SaturdaysBoys U16SaturdaysGirls U16-17, U18-U19SundaysBoys U17SaturdaysBoys U18, U19Saturdays

September 30: Last date to obtain a refund for players deciding not to play (or unable to play) soccer during the Fall 2014 season.

October 26: End of LVR House league season.

October 31: Last day a player can be added to a City League team's roster. Last day for adds, releases & transfers for select teams for league play.

November 23: End of the SYSA City League season.

December 03: Start of the SYSA City Tournament.  (If it wasn't so much fun it would just be cold).

December 19: End of the SYSA City Tournament.


LVR's Place in the Wonderful World of Soccer
Here's a handy diagram that illustrates LVR's relationship to Seattle Youth Soccer Association (SYSA), other SYSA Recreational Clubs, Seattle United, and worldwide football organizations.


NEW USER or HAVING TROUBLE? Tutorials to Help you.

Please take a few minutes to read our tutorials before you click on the "Member Log In" or "Registration" buttons. Please review these tutorials before you contact us.

  • Roster and other information by age (word)
  • How to log in to (or create) your member account (word)
  • How to register a Player (word)
  • How to register as a Coach (word)
  • How to register a Team (word)
    • 2014 Team Registration Form for U7 ONLY (word)
    • 2014 Team Registration Form ages U8 and U9 ONLY (word)
    • 2014 Team Registration Form U10 ONLY (word)
    • 2014 Team Registration Form U11 - U19 (word)
  • How to use the Team Pages (link)
  • RMA -- Backgound Check - Affinity Link: Click here

RMA Renewal Open Now in Affinity

Washington Youth Soccer volunteers, and coaches can now begin applying for their annual background check for the 2014 - 2015 seasonal year in Affinity. An applicant can apply for their risk management (RMA) clearance at any time before their next season starts. The RMA clearance is valid for a year from the date of application. For the RMA -- Background Check - Click on the Affinity Link above.

If you are unsure about your child's age group (or have problems entering a valid date of birth), please see this 2014 Player Age Table ( xls | pdf). NOTE: You must register your child at their natural age group (ignore the age group of the team they were on). See also the note in the Announcements section about "Playing Up".

MAC users - Microsoft IE for MAC is outdated and NOT supported for online registration. Please use Firefox, Opera, Safari or Netscape Navigator. If you are still having trouble, please email us.


House League 2014 Game Schedules

GU7 9-1-2014

BU7 9-9-2014

GU8 9-1-2014

BU8 9-1-2014

GU9 9-1-2014

BU9 9-1-2014

2013 House League Handbook (updated 9/4/2013)

Everything you need to know in one document PDF.
City League Game Schedules
The schedule for the City League is maintained on the Seattle Youth Soccer Association (SYSA) web site here. Once at the SYSA site, select the "Schedules" menu option on the left side of the home page for the game schedules for all U10 and older teams.

Here's a helpful summary of the LVR small-sided program format.
Select Soccer Information
This year Coaches will register their Select Soccer team electronically. For information on that process and additional information for Coaches and Parents; please visit the website and click on the "Select Soccer" link located on the left side of that home page.