About LVR's Board of Directors
The LVR Board of Directors

The club's by-laws specifically spells out the number or club officers, their titles and expected duties. However, rather than be bound by a formal document, the board operates more as a "loose" confederation of volunteers where duties are divided amongst a larger number of individuals. This provides operational flexibility and (generally) keeps the time burden from being too heavy on any one individual.

Board members have access to this site's administrative functions.

The various volunteer positions and those who perform them to keep this club running.

General Officers:

The Registrars:

Soccer Specific Officers:

Board Member Benefits

The benefits for being a board member are mostly intangible - your own satisfaction from helping to provide a system by which all these kids can learn and play the wonderful game of soccer, and some leadership to the soccer community.

The only real tangible benefits are:

  1. Board members are given priority when the club assigns practice fields.
  2. Registrars are given a stipend to offset the cost of a high-speed internet connection.