Become a Referee
Referees for City League games must be certified. Certification can be obtained by taking a 16 hour (typically in the evenings) training course offered by the Seatte Soccer Referee Association (SSRA) and then passing a qualification test. The qualification test is a 100 question test on your knowledge of the Laws of the Game (you have to get 75/100 right to pass).
Referee Coordinator

The Referee Coordinator for LVR is Rick Bawaan. Rick assigns referees for all House League games. SYSA assigns referees for City League games U-10 and up. Please contact him either by e-mail ( ) if you have any questions or need to provide him feedback about a referee at your game.

Referee Resources

The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) represents FIFA in the U.S. and has assigned the Washington State Referee Committee (WASRC) the authority to train, register and upgrade certified Referees in Washington State. There are many web sites available that can provide great information for the prospective as well as the experienced referee:

Scheduled Certification Courses
All Referee training classes are locally organized and scheduled by SSRA. In past years, LVR has sponsored a SSRA certification class in early September. However, there are three clinics in the greater Seattle area in August and others scheduled continuously throughout the state. Please check here for details.
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