House Leage Referees
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House League Game Coordinator / Referee (GC/R) Clinic

The LVR Soccer club runs a soccer leage for girls and boys teams, ages 6 through 8. This "House League" play involves small-sided games with three to five players on the field with no scores or standings.

The House League program includes a Game Coordinator / Referee (GC/R) position. The GC/R performs many duties of the typical match referee, but the orientation is to provide new coaches, players and their families with a game-like experience that introduces them to safety considerations, concepts of sportsmanship and an introduction to a modified set of Laws of the Game. During the game the GC/R will stop play for fouls, but primarily provides instruction to players about how the game is played.

Ideally, the GCRs are three years older than the players, so the program is open to youths age 9 and older, but exceptions are considered. Come join the fun!

Annual House League GC/R Clinic

***Updated 8/17/17****

We will be holding two training clinics for 2017. Both are suited for new and returning referees. We'll be discussing the program, expectations, payment, record keeping, and of course, the rules of the game.

Referee Training: Sept. 9, 10-11am @ Eckstein Field: Beginner /refresher training for new youth referees.

Referee Training: Sept. 10, noon-1pm @ Eckstein Field: Beginnerrefresher training for new youth referees.

The clinic sessions last about 45-60 minutes. The first 15-20 minutes involves registering new referees, along with handing out t-shirts, which will be worn at games, and whistles. The clinic itself will take about 45 minutes to an hour, and will cover the Laws of the Game, any questions brought up, along with a walk around the field to look at the referees working the first weekend. Upon attending the clinic, please be aware of your schedule as registration papers will ask for the referee's fall availability. i.e. their best time slots and days they will miss due to schedule conflicts. You are also welcome to email your availability. (Please contact Rick Bawaan at

Starting the first weekend after Labor Day, House League games are played on both Saturdays and Sundays through the end of October. The number of new teams determines the schedule, but in past years game times on Saturdays were 9:00AM, 10:30, Noon, 1:30, 3:00 and 4:30. Game times on Sunday are 11:00AM; 12:30 PM, 2:00 and 3:30. The length of games vary with age, but all games are less than one hour. As you might note, Saturdays have double the number of games than Sundays, so working back-to-back games is mostly a Saturday event. Referees are required to check-in 10 minutes before game time; we observe a five minute grace period then a slot may be re-assigned to another referee.