House League Program

The LVR House League is designed for the early/beginner soccer player (typically a first to third grader). Teams play exclusively against other teams within the club, at a single location. At this stage, having fun, making new friends, learning about the game and developing skills are all that are important. To this end:
  • Coaches MUST give every player equal playing time
  • Coaches MUST NOT keep score or track goals
  • LVR WILL NOT keep win/loss records

In short, what is important is that the coaches develop player skills and that the kids have fun doing so.

The rules of the game are relaxed and changed to facilitate player introduction to soccer. Everything you need to know in one document 2018 House League Handbook.pdf EVERY HOUSE LEAGUE COACH SHOULD PRINT OUT THIS HANDBOOK. The handbook includes:

  • Small Sided Program Format Summary (team size, game length, ball size atc)
  • LVR Club Rules, specific to our this league
  • Field layout map of Eckstein Middle School (3003 N.E. 75th St), where all games are played
  • Field marking diagram. Please see the Coach's Handbook for how to mark off the field.

LVR House League games are played at Eckstein Middle School (3003 N.E. 75th St
) on Saturdays and Sundays beginning in September after Labor Day.

Our club has witnessed explosive growth in the past several years, particularly the House League program, which now boasts over 900 players. We remain committed to providing an opportunity for as many children to play as possible. Members should be aware that their team may be scheduled to play at various times on either Saturday or Sunday.


  • 09:00 AM - GU-07
  • 10:30 AM - GU-07 & BU-07
  • 12:00 PM - BU-07
  • 01:30 PM - GU-08
  • 03:00 PM - GU-08 & BU-08
  • 04:30 PM - BU-08


  • 11:00 AM - GU-09
  • 12:30 PM - GU-09
  • 02:00 PM - BU-09
  • 03:30 PM - BU-09

Each House Leagu age group & gender is assigned a specific day to practice at Eckstein. It is not required that you practice on the specific day, however, you are on your own to find a practice location. If you chose to practice at Eckstein, please do so only on your scheduled day.
Please note that it is up to the coaches to set practice schedules - the club does not have any information as to when and where each team is actually practicing.

Assigned practice times are from 5:30pm on, as Eckstein School has the field reserved until then. The field might be available a bit earlier, however, depending on the day of the week and whether school is in session. Practice days are as follows:

  • Mondays - Girls U-07
  • Tuesdays - Boys U-07
  • Wednesdays - Girls U-09
  • Thursdays - Boys U-09
  • Fridays - Boys U-08
  • Sundays - Girls U-08 after 4:30pm

U7 teams for the House League are typically formed as a group, where a number of parents register their child and request placement with a specific coach or group of kids. This is the ONLY selection of players allowed in Seattle Youth Soccer until U11 (please see Select Soccer). A coach may not pick or "invite" kids onto his/her team in order to form a strong or killer team. Parents who suspect this are to report the coach to us immediately for investigation and possible discipline.

Parents who wish their child to play with on a team with another of their child's friends may do so. However, we take that into advisement and do not guarantee placement on the requested team. Placement may not be appealed unless we made a mistake (i.e., you were placed on the wrong age group team or there were two coach "Smiths" and we put your child on the wrong "Smiths" team). We will issue you a refund if your child choses not to play if they did not get on their requested team.