These clinics are offered by various organizations including LVR.

Player Clinics

Seattle United is leading the upcoming Seattle United FC Winter Development Academy.

The Winter PDA consists of six 1.5 hour long sessions on Fridays beginning January 9th. This program will serve to stimulate every young player's development cycle while allowing them to enjoy the benefits of continuing to play with their existing clubs and teams. During the Winter PDA our focus will continue to be on individual skill development. In addition, sessions will incorporate 2v1, 2v2, 3v2, and 3v3 situations so players begin to understand the fundamentals of combination play and small group tactics.

Below are the details for Winter PDA:

  • When: Fridays, January 9th through February 13th
  • Where: TBD
  • Time: TBD
  • Who: U6-U12 SYSA players
  • Fee: $175
  • To register: Winter PDA Registration

For program information contact, Chris Cadogan

For registration information contact, Paige Blomsø

Coaching Clinics

  • LVR has scheduled clinics for coaches of youth soccer teams. These clinics are targetted to those new coaches with teams covered by the WSYSA Mod Soccer rules.
  • WSYSA: Formal coaching clinics are offered through WSYSA. You can obtain US Soccer coaching licenses for a variety of levels.

    Please see their Coaching Clinics section of the WSYSA Coaches web site for details on clinic types and availability.

Referee Clinics

  • House Referee Clinic sponsored by LVR: We typically offer a short 2-3 hour orientation course for youths who are interested in refereeing House League games in early September.

  • The Washington State Referee Committee maintains a listing of Referee clinics scheduled around Washington State. These include entry level clinics for individuals looking to start officiating soccer matches, as well as topical clinics and chapter meetings where registered referees can acquire their annual hours for continuing education requirements.

    Follow tabs Instruction:Clinics at this website: