Coaching Clinics - 2018
Posted Apr 21, 2017

**info current as of 7/16/18

3 coaching clinics are planned this season. All will take place at Eckstein Middle School Field

The purpose of these clinics is to provide some hands-on training with respect to leading practice, managing games, and facilitating player development. Here's the latest:

1) Thursday, August 23.  Coaching clinic, "Ball mastery"

  • Focusing on how to teach basic ball control skills
  • Time: 7-8pm
  • David Griffiths, Seattle United

2) Thursday, August 30.  Coaching clinic, "Teaching Technique"

  • Focusing on training techniques and fun conditioned games
  • Time: 7-8pm
  • David Griffiths, Seattle United

3) Thursday, Sept. 6.  Coaching clinic, "Chalk Talk" 

  • Focusing on how to be an effective youth soccer coach
  • Time: 7-8 pm
  • David Griffiths, Seattle United